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Our T-Shirts

Zero Waste

Unwanted clothes are the second largest polluters on the planet so we operate a zero waste policy.

In order to prevent our garments from going to landfill, our t-shirts and bags are only printed when we know we have a buyer who wants and values them. This means that every t-shirt you order is specifically printed just for you. 


One of the biggest reasons clothes end up in landfill is because they are in need of repair, so we ensure that our garments are of top quality, so that they last longer, and if they do need repairing we will repair them for you.


Earth Positive

We print on Earth Positive t-shirts and bags made by Continental. They are made from organic cotton with a neutral carbon footprint and manufactured using renewable energy. Continental is a member of Fair Wear and operates a Fair Share policy to ensure their garment workers receive a fair wage.

Reducing carbon emissions

We take pre-orders for the following month so that all printed orders arrive  in one delivery each month. This reduces carbon emissions considerably and also provides a forecast workflow for those in our supply chain.

Quality Printing

Our t-shirts and bags are printed on with the highest quality textile digital printer in the UK.

Delivery dates

Pre-orders for printed products close on the last day of each month. Printing usually takes a fortnight so, allowing for delivery times and hand-signing limited edition items, your order should reach you by the end of the following month. For example, pre-orders made in April should arrive by the end of May. The notice at the bottom of the page will let you know the expected delivery date for pre-orders that day.

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