Our T-Shirts

Zero Waste

Unwanted clothes are the second largest polluters on the planet so we operate a zero waste policy.

In order to prevent our garments from going to landfill, our t-shirts and bags are only printed when we know we have a buyer who wants and values them. This means that every t-shirt you order is specifically printed just for you. 


One of the biggest reasons clothes end up in landfill is because they are in need of repair, so we ensure that our garments are of top quality, so that they last longer, and if they do need repairing we will repair them for you.

Earth Positive

We print on Earth Positive t-shirts and bags made by Continental. They are made from organic cotton with a neutral carbon footprint and manufactured using renewable energy. Continental is a member of Fair Wear and operates a Fair Share policy to ensure their garment workers receive a fair wage.

Reducing carbon emissions

We print our t-shirts and bags once a month to minimise carbon emissions caused by transporting goods. 

Quality Printing

We source the highest quality textile digital printers in the UK to print on our t-shirts and bags. 

Delivery dates

We print our t-shirts and bags once a month to minimise carbon emissions caused by transporting goods and also to provide a more stable workflow for those in our supply chain. Pre-orders for printed t-shirts and bags open on the first day of each month and close on the last day of each month. The turnaround for printing is usually a fortnight. 

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Meet the Designer

Tracey Dockree is a Fashion Designer, author, activist and prize-winning poet.

She is passionate about raising awareness of the abuses behind the glamour of the fashion industry and the steps that can be taken to redress them. She supports projects that empower those who have been or are at risk of becoming abused by fashion industry malpractices, especially trafficking and pollution. She founded the ETHICAL REBEL – a movement of people rebelling against a fashion industry producing cheap and low quality ‘rags’ with no respect for their customers, the workers in their supply chain or the environment.

She created the Ethical Rebel magazine and ethical fashion directory to showcase the fantastic range of ethical fashion brands available so you can choose the fashions that express your own personal style with a clear conscience.

Tracey is also passionate about empowering those who have no voice, especially the homeless and victims of trafficking. Her graduate collection was inspired by a desire to create beautiful and desirable garments from a pile of old, unwanted socks, showing how the least of things can be transformed into something special. In the same way, many people who are written off, and even write themselves off, can be transformed and empowered to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. Her graduate collection Parade of Giants was cited as a benchmark for future fashion students and was selected to be shown in the Zeitgeist Show at Brighton Fashion Week.

Tracey’s designs range from artistic/costume hybrids that make a statement to stylish, comfortable garments that can be worn anywhere. Her ideas are always unique and always have a story. Her passion is to create stories that come to life when they are worn and for a community of story lovers to share a part of the story wherever they wear it.

She is currently combining her talents to create Timeline 67: A Story in T-Shirts – a series of illustrated t-shirts that when read in sequence reveal a story (like a comic or graphic novel but the t-shirts are the pages). Each t-shirt also has a sub-text story that is inspired by the giant issues we are currently facing in our society – trafficking, homelessness and the refugee crisis.

Fashion for a Purpose

My first upcycled collection, Parade of Giants, was created from a pile of old and unwanted fabrics and socks I was reluctant to send off to landfill.

There are so many people in our societies who feel unwanted. There have been ignored, overlooked, shunned, abused, marginalised and dumped because they don’t ‘fit’ in our cultures and lives.

I believe passionately that every life is precious. That every person has been created with qualities and a unique purpose that only they can fulfil.

And that is why 50% of our profits go to charities that restore the lives of those who would otherwise be written off by our society and to empower them to live their lives to the full and be who they were created to be.

Everyone is a hero in the life they have to deal with.

This is your life and your story and you are its hero.

You may be a hero because of the awful situations you have to deal with, or you may be a hero because you are helping someone else out in an awful situation. Most of us get to do both.