Fashion for a Purpose

My first upcycled collection, Parade of Giants, was created from a pile of old and unwanted fabrics and socks I was reluctant to send off to landfill.

There are so many people in our societies who feel unwanted. There have been ignored, overlooked, shunned, abused, marginalised and dumped because they don’t ‘fit’ in our cultures and lives.

I believe passionately that every life is precious. That every person has been created with qualities and a unique purpose that only they can fulfil.

And that is why 50% of our profits go to charities that restore the lives of those who would otherwise be written off by our society and to empower them to live their lives to the full and be who they were created to be.

Everyone is a hero in the life they have to deal with.

This is your life and your story and you are its hero.

You may be a hero because of the awful situations you have to deal with, or you may be a hero because you are helping someone else out in an awful situation. Most of us get to do both.

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