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Clothing needed by Attika Human Support

Attika Human Support t-shirts
Attika Human Support t-shirts

Clothing needed by Attika Human Support:

  • warm dry clothes and shoes to survive the cold and rainy winters
  • lightweight clothing and shoes for the hot summers

Most asylum seekers are wet and cold when they arrive, usually with just the clothes on their backs. 

Attika Human Support helps desperate people fleeing war, torture, and terror. The NGO runs Lesvos’s biggest warehouse distributing goods for asylum seekers. Most international donations of clothes, shoes, tents, baby carriers, towels and toiletries to Lesvos ship directly to Attika. The Attika team sorts and delivers consignments to local NGOs who distribute them to the asylum seekers they work with. The Attika warehouse is the only warehouse open to everyone.

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