Sleeping Beauty/Dmitrij Vasilenko

Sleeping Beauty by Dmitrij Vasilenko

Model wearing giant hoody remade by Tracey Dockree from old -tshirts

Brighton Fashion Week 2015

Model wearing jumper remade from old socks

Shot! magazine

Gary Marlowe for Shot! magazine – Brighton Fashion Week 2015

“Tracey Dockree’s collection was eye-catching despite consisting mainly of muted greys and browns. Her most memorable look can best be described as an oversized sleeping bag with an even bigger hood attached and pulled tight around the face. It certainly got peoples’ attention, although it felt more suited to those sleeping rough, than those off for a night out!”

List of Fashion Designers for Brighton Fashion Week

BFW Zeitgeist 2015

BFW choose 12 designers for the Zeitgeist show whom they believe to be ‘the game changers:’

Our showcase of the depth, breadth and variety of creative individuals and collectives working within the fashion industry today. Fashion will always exist– however, creativity and innovation are vital to aid its progression. Social climate and cultural circumstance influence the structure and meaning of the styles of the times, leading the course of fashion. Our showcase of remarkable collections, curated by Brighton Fashion Week, spotlights the designers of the now, that have used their unbelievable creativity to tackle environmental issues that are so pressing in today’s world. Embracing sustainability in fashion in a new light. We understand that designers cannot be 100% sustainable in their design process however we believe that there should be realistic milestones in place, giving designers a chance to adopt sustainable practices into their current work. It is mandatory that designers participating in our Zeitgeist catwalk show have ethical practices in their production process. We are also asking them to make a pledge towards sustainability. Zeitgeist 2015 will showcase twelve designers with fresh ideas and original concepts that represent the current flow of innovation in Fashion.

Brighton Fashion Week