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the Ethical Rebel Student Take Over

Student Take Over sign

the Ethical Rebel Magazine Student Take Over

We’re very excited about publishing our next issue of the Ethical Rebel Magazine as a Student Take Over with Cornwall College.

The theme for the issue is Superheroes = those who do what’s right in the face of adversity

The students will explore who their superheroes in the fashion industry are, from brands, to consumers to influencers.

There will be articles on our ethical fashion topics and opinion pieces on the issues that bother the students, with illustrations, photographs and videos inspired by them. They’ll review the brands they love, how they make their clothes and why they like them.

Each pioneering brand tackling ethical fashion issues will feature in a double page spread dedicated to that brand as well as in a photoshoot with other brands tackling similar issues. Some of the topics we’re covering include: pollution, especially plastics; the role of vintage, charity shop and secondhand clothing; and modern day slavery in the fashion industry.

We’re planning a 48 page issue of key ethical fashion companies with photoshoots against a Cornish backdrop. There will be fun group shots with superhero themes, as well as experimental shoots highlighting ethical fashion issues. Images will be high quality and the aim is to portray ethical fashion as fun, lively, edgy, adventurous and exciting.

Student submissions will be critiqued to obtain the highest quality content, with beautiful imagery and artistic expression. We also hope to include some garments made by the students from reclaimed fabrics.

The magazine will only feature ethical clothing. In the past we featured brands such as Ally Bee Knitwear, Bibico, Bojest, brm, Celtic & Co., Fair-T, Nudie Jeans, RockulateR and SueMe.

The photoshoot will take place on 23rd January 2019. If you would like to submit items to be included in the photoshoot we will need them no later than 21st January 2019.

We plan to publish the magazine in May 2019.

the Ethical Rebel magazine

student takeover

Submissions invited

Cornwall College Students

Submit your work for inclusion in the Student Take Over magazine

Ethical Fashion Brands

Send items for inclusion in the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine

Working in partnership with:

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Ethical Rebel magazine Submission Guidelines

We are very excited that the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine is a Student Take Over by Cornwall College.

Below you will find information about the theme and topics for the next issue and guidelines on the kind of work that students can submit.

If you would like to submit written work, you can find more detailed submission guidelines here




Final deadline 28 February 2019

To be considered for publication in the magazine ALL work must be submitted by 28th February 2019.

Optional: If you want feedback on any proposed submissions, please send them to me by 15th February 2019 so that you have time to edit it for the final deadline.

It is proposed to launch the magazine in May 2019.

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Ethical brands invited to send in clothing for the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine

Double page spread for Nudie Jeans

We are looking for ethical fashion brands to feature in the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine.

Our next issue is particularly exciting as it will be a Student Take Over by Cornwall College students. They have been building up a very exciting portfolio under the guidance of their very talented photography tutors. Acclaimed fashion photographer Sarah Brittain Edwards will be mentoring them for the photoshoot. All images are expected to be of a very high quality.

The location will have an edgy Cornish backdrop. The garments will be styled as strong streetwear, with individual character. 

We will credit your brand on all pages where your clothes appear. We will also feature your brand in a double page spread with your story and your passion for tackling fashion issues.

We have chosen the theme of Superheroes to celebrate the amazing brands, customers, celebrities, influencers and activists who are the sustainable fashion role models for the younger generation.


We are looking for clothing from brands actively involved in tackling our three main topics:

  • Marine pollution – ghost nets/plastic pollution
  • Making clothes last longer – embellishing and repairing old clothes/upcycling/buying preloved
  • Slave Labour  – the payment of a fair living wage at all stages of the supply chain

Key Dates

The photoshoot will take place on 23rd January 2019 so we need clothes no later than Monday 21st January.

Items to send

You can send as many outfits as you like, but they must have been sustainably produced.

We are looking for sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12, shoe sizes 4-7 for womenswear and sizes S, M, L, XL, 32/29, 34 and 36L, shoe sizes 10-12 for menswear. Please do not send size zero clothing as they will not be used.

Items Returned

We will return items sent to us from within the UK by courier. If your brand is based in Cornwall, we are happy to collect and return items directly from you.


We publish the magazine in May 2019 and we will distribute it throughout the UK.

We anticipate that the magazine will be printed in a 210mm x 210mm square format on uncoated paper. It will probably be unbound with approx 48 pages printed on high quality uncoated stock. This is subject to change as the students will develop and design the magazine to best represent their work in the Student Take Over.

Get in touch

If you would like to feature your brand or recommend any other ethical brands, please contact us. Likewise if you have any queries or want to arrange delivery of clothing. You can contact the editor by email