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Send us your unwanted clothes

How do I send my unwanted clothes to you?

Email repairs@traceydockree.com with details or a photo of the unwanted clothes you want to send us, the condition of the items you want to send and where you live.

We will let you know if there are any charities that need certain items. If your unwanted items match you can then send them directly to the charity.

For other items, we will arrange free collection if you live within 10 miles of Truro, in Cornwall.

If you live further afield, we may still be able to arrange a collection or drop off at a reduced delivery rate.

For items that are not in good condition we will advise whether we can still take them or where they can be sent so they can be recycled, for example as insulation for car bodywork.

What items can I send you?

Any unwanted clothing, plus bedding, curtains, tablecloths, tents, remnants, wool, threads and any scraps you no longer want. We can use it all.

What will happen to the items I send you?

We may repair them and add them to our shop as vintage items.

If we cannot sell them or repair them, we may remake them into new garments or accessories.

We also work with other creatives and know which items they are looking for. Some will buy them from us at a £ per weight rate. Some are members of our 10% commission voucher scheme.

10% commission vouchers

When we sell an item you sent us, in whatever form it ends up in, we will email you a commision voucher worth 10% of the sale price. You can use this voucher against any other items on our website.

If you would like to have your 10% donated to one of your charities, let us know which charity you would like to support.

If a member of our 10% commission voucher scheme sells an item you sent us, they will email you a commission voucher. You will be able to use their voucher against any items in their shop.

Free clothing repairs on this Ecopositive Classic Car Bag

Free clothing repairs for all garments bought from us

Our fault or yours, if we sell it, we do free clothing repairs on it

We are happy to do free clothing repairs on garments you buy from us because we want your clothes to last.

We source the highest quality products which should last a lifetime, but we know that stuff happens.

You might snag a sleeve on a door handle and it rips. We all know washing machines love eating holes in fabric!

Or it might suffer from general wear and tear because you love it and wear it so much.

Whatever the reason, we will repair any clothing you buy from us for free so they can live and be loved for longer.

Bring it into the Studio or post it to us. You can use the free return label on our Returns page.


Undertaking clothing repairs with button sewn back on

Clothing Repairs

Clothing repairs

Bring your clothing repairs into the Studio or post them to us.


Repair required Price
Sew buttons or poppers on £3 per button or popper
Resew seam or hem that has come apart £5 per seam
Re-attach trim, belt loop or fastening £5 per item
Patch hole or rip in woven item eg jeans, shirt, coat £5 per rip
Darn hole in knitted item eg jumper £5 per hole
Repair broken zip £10 per zip

If you already have the replacement buttons, zips, patches etc you want me to use, please put them into an envelope and label it with your name. Wrap the envelope inside your garment so it doesn’t get lost.

We have a small selection of buttons you can choose from. Prices vary but we will only charge you the cost of the item to us. We don’t make any profit on these.

We will make your clothing repairs as invisible as possible given the nature of the fabric and the repair. However, you can choose to have a visible repair with a contrasting fabric and thread to make your item exciting and unique and totally exclusive to you.

The current turnaround time for repairs is about 3-4 weeks.

If you are posting items to us, please include a note with your items stating:

  • your name,
  • the address you want me to return the item to,
  • a daytime phone number in case we have any queries,
  • what needs repairing
  • and the type of repair you would like.

If you have any questions, email me at repairs@traceydockree.com

Send your repairs to:

Tracey Dockree,
The Studio,
Top Floor,
Princes House,
Princes Street,
TR1 2ES.

When sending items to us, please use tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for any lost packages sent to us.

Learn how to mend your clothes

Clothing Repair Workshops in Truro, Cornwall

Book yourself onto one of our Clothing Repair Workshops

We offer clothing repair workshops right here in our Studio in Truro, Cornwall every Monday. You can have a one-to-one session or bring a friend!

If you extend the life of your clothes, the first hour is free. Half an hour should be enough time to learn how to repair a seam that’s come apart, sew on a button, darn a jumper, even make basic alterations.

If you feel you would like longer, it’s £10 for every extra hour.

Select the Monday you want on the calendar below and fill in the booking form to let me know your preferred start time. The bookings are one hour slots. If you think you would like longer, let me know how much time you want when you fill out the details about what you would like to learn.

You don’t pay anything until you have your session at the workshop. If a project is quicker than expected, you only pay for the time you’ve had.

If you have any questions please email repairs@traceydockree.com

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