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the Ethical Rebel Magazine

The Ethical Rebel magazine raises awareness of the ethical issues in the fashion industry and celebrates brands that care as much about people and the planet as they do about creating fantastic clothes.

We challenge the status quo and bring a fresh perspective to the fashion industry.


Student Take Over sign
the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine
the Ethical Rebel Student Take Over

We’re very excited about the Student Take Over of the next issue of the Ethical Rebel Magazine.

The theme is Superheroes = those who do what’s right in the face of adversity.

Our topics are: pollution, especially plastics; the role of vintage, charity shop and secondhand clothing; and modern day slavery in the fashion industry.

Brands tackling these ethical fashion issues will feature in a double page spread.

Students will provide all the imagery – illustrations, photography and videos – as well as setting up the layout and creating a few garments of their own.

Written work can be submitted by anyone.

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the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine
Ethical Rebel magazine Submission Guidelines

These submission guidelines provide a starting point for your research and inspiration.
All imagery will be provided by Cornwall College students, so your creativity will be stamped all over it.
Written work can be submitted by anyone.
Cornwall College students are invited to submit the following types of work inspired by or referencing our theme and topics:
photography and videos; articles; illustrations; infographics; logo ideas for the Ethical Rebel; and garments.
Final deadline 28 February 2019

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the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine
Ethical Rebel Magazine Submissions for writers

Magazine submissions are invited for the next issue of the Ethical Rebel. We are particularly excited about this issue as it will be a Cornwall College Student Take Over. The students are providing all the imagery and we are inviting writers everywhere to submit articles, opinion pieces and other written content. (If you are a student providing imagery your submission guidelines are here) We are always interested in hearing

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Double page spread for Nudie Jeans
the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine
Ethical brands invited to send in clothing for the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine

We are looking for clothing from brands actively involved in tackling our three main topics for the next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazine:
marine pollution – recycling ghost nets and/or plastic pollution into clothes;
making clothes last longer – embellishing and repairing old clothes, upcycling;
combating Modern Day Slavery by the payment of a fair living wage at all stages of the supply chain

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Page featuring Rockulatr
the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine launched

We are very excited to launch the very first issue of the ETHICAL REBEL magazine for those who want to be sure that the clothes they buy are made ethically ie they are not made by slaves or children and don’t pollute local rivers or the oceans. They want clothes that are made by workers in safe conditions, paid at a fair wage and are beneficial to the environment.

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