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the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine

the ETHICAL REBEL is an ethical fashion magazine for those who want to be sure that the clothes they buy are not made by slaves or children, don’t pollute local rivers or the oceans and are made by workers in safe conditions paid at a fair wage. In each issue we feature:

  • ethical fashion brands that care as much about people and the planet as they do about making amazing clothes;
  • the ethical issues these brands are tackling; and
  • an overview of progress being made in the fashion industry on key ethical issues

Our first issue focuses on:

  • wage slavery (use of sweatshops and trafficking in the supply chain);
  • pollution and the environment; and
  • the rebuilding of local fashion industries

In future issues we plan to unpick, among other things: the use of undersized and underage fashion models; model abuse; the use of real-size models; design theft; how pricing wars undermine your pay and the economy; the psychology of advertising; and manipulative marketing.

Let us know what you think!