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the Ethical Rebel Magazine

The Ethical Rebel magazine raises awareness of the ethical issues in the fashion industry and celebrates brands that care as much about people and the planet as they do about creating fantastic clothes.

We challenge the status quo in the fashion industry and the perception that ethical brands are staid and boring.


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the Ethical Rebel Student Take Over

the Ethical Rebel Magazine Student Take Over <strong><em>We’re very excited about publishing our next issue of the Ethical Rebel Magazine as a Student Take Over with Cornwall College.</em></strong> The theme for the issue is Superheroes = those who do what’s right in the face of adversity The students will explore who their superheroes in the fashion industry are, from brands, to consumers to influencers. There will be articles on ethical fashion issues and opinion pieces on the issues that bother the students, with illustrations, photographs and videos inspired by them. They’ll review the brands they love, how they make their clothes and why they like them. Each pioneering brand tackling ethical fashion issues will feature in a double page spread dedicated to that brand as

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Double page spread for Nudie Jeans
the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine

Ethical brand submissions invited for the Ethical Rebel Student Take Over

Ethical fashion brand submissions are invited for next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazin. the Ethical Rebel is a fashion magazine raising awareness of issues

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the ETHICAL REBEL Magazine

Ethical Rebel magazine Submission Guidelines for Cornwall College students

Please read the following Ethical Rebel submission guidelines carefully. We are always interested in what people think about ethical fashion. We only publish quality work,

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