Bag making

Bag Making is brought to you by the Plastic Free Falmouth craft collective. A gathering of like-minded people will be working together to make reusable bags to help reduce plastic waste locally. They meet on the first Friday each month at Saracens Plate, Penryn.

Unwanted pillowcases are transformed into re-usable bags and dropped off at local stores to give away to customers instead of plastic bags.

These bags help Falmouth become as Plastic free as possible. They also support the work Plastic Free Falmouth is doing locally by raising funds for Falmouth Marine Conservation (their big sister) from the sale of the bags made.

The group have adopted the Morse Bag pattern for their bag making. The project is inspired by the idea of boomerang bags in Australia – anyone can get involved! You can do this from home or with a wider group, it’s up to you!

A lovely little community has already started to grow as people gather together to make these bags. You are very welcome to pop in and invite your friends along. This is a friendly group you can join with zero experience to help the plastic free community in Falmouth continue to grow.

Thank you very much


Plastic Free Falmouth & Falmouth Marine Conservation