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Clothing Repairs

Undertaking clothing repairs with button sewn back on

Clothing repairs

Bring your clothing repairs into the Studio or post them to us.


Repair required Price
Sew buttons or poppers on £3 per button or popper
Resew seam or hem that has come apart £5 per seam
Re-attach trim, belt loop or fastening £5 per item
Patch hole or rip in woven item eg jeans, shirt, coat £5 per rip
Darn hole in knitted item eg jumper £5 per hole
Repair broken zip £10 per zip

If you already have the replacement buttons, zips, patches etc you want me to use, please put them into an envelope and label it with your name. Wrap the envelope inside your garment so it doesn’t get lost.

We have a small selection of buttons you can choose from. Prices vary but we will only charge you the cost of the item to us. We don’t make any profit on these.

We will make your clothing repairs as invisible as possible given the nature of the fabric and the repair. However, you can choose to have a visible repair with a contrasting fabric and thread to make your item exciting and unique and totally exclusive to you.

The current turnaround time for repairs is about 3-4 weeks.

If you are posting items to us, please include a note with your items stating:

  • your name,
  • the address you want me to return the item to,
  • a daytime phone number in case we have any queries,
  • what needs repairing
  • and the type of repair you would like.

If you have any questions, email me at

Send your repairs to:

Tracey Dockree,
The Studio,
Top Floor,
Princes House,
Princes Street,
TR1 2ES.

When sending items to us, please use tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for any lost packages sent to us.