Timeline 67: A Story in T-Shirts Postcard


These beautiful postcards are illustrated by Tracey Dockree.

The artwork is dedicated to Mobile Refugee Support and they will receive 50% of profit on these.

Mobile Refugee Support (MRS) are one of the few NGOs still in France where clusters of refugees, mainly children, have set up camp as they wait to find a new home. They are often beaten and moved on with their possessions taken away by French police. In this scene, 12 year old Anna is being helped to escape a desperate situation. The situation in France is also desperate but widely ignored by international organisations and the media. Children have had to flee from their homes where their families have been murdered or threatened with murder by ISIS. They cannot go home. If they return they'll die. The UK had pledged to take them but that promise has not yet materialised. They are waiting for a safe place to call home but meantime they must find some hole or corner where they can escape being beaten and abused just because they are there. And winter is fast approaching. They have no beds and no heat. What will become of them then?

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These beautifully illustrated postcards are printed on recycled card locally by Monkey Puzzle Repro Art at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, near Porthtown in Cornwall.

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