Timeline 67 Chapter 1 Scene 4 #1


Timeline 67 Chapter 1 Scene 4 #1

Scene 4 Escaping to a New Life

The tallship Voorspoed is waiting to leave Amsterdam. Kapitan de Grooth shows Anna the store room under the Torensluis Bridge, where he found her as a baby

how Anna’s invisible guardian, Kapitan de Grooth, has been watching over her


In this scene, Kapitan de Grooth provides Gabriella and Anna with clothes to disguise themselves for their escape but he’s also providing them with all they need to start their lives afresh when they arrive at their new home. The artwork is dedicated to the Medaille Trust, a charity that provides safe houses for people rescued from trafficking and equips them to start their lives anew. The Medaille Trust will receive 50% of profits made on any products featuring artwork from this scene.

The Medaille Trust
The primary mission of The Medaille Trust is the empowerment of women, men and children, who have been freed from human-trafficking and modern day slavery in the UK, enabling them to regain their dignity and self-worth. They do this by providing them with safe housing and offering opportunities for physical and psychological healing, rehabilitation and protection.

The Medaille Trust runs 7 safe houses with a total of 61 beds. There are 3 dedicated women’s houses, 3 male houses and 1 specialist family centre. The safe houses are located across the country and each provides a safe, warm home with a loving team of staff to assist with the 1st stage of the victim’s recovery.

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