Timeline 67 Chapter 1 Scene 3 #1 SOLD


Timeline 67 Chapter 1 Scene 3 #1 SOLD

Scene 3 Set free from the Warehouse, Old Amsterdam

Raoul has captured Gabriella in his warehouse but Kapitan de Grooth rescues her

how Raoul acquired his fortune and how his biggest mistake is to threaten Anna


There’s a section in this scene where Gabriella’s hands have been tied but someone cuts the bonds and sets her free. The artwork is dedicated to Bringing Freedom, as it symbolises what Bringing Freedom is all about: setting people free from bondage to their owners, both physically and emotionally. When victims are rescued, they still need to overcome the trauma and shame they experience, especially when they’ve been rejected by their families for being in sexual bondage. Bringing Freedom will receive 50% of profits on any products featuring artwork from this scene.

Bringing Freedom

All it takes is a moment for an individual to be forced, coerced, or deceived into modern-day slavery. Every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of human trafficking. Over 45 million people are held in slavery worldwide, with an estimated 14,000 victims in the UK.

Slavers tend to be teams of men and women, often in their 20s and 30s. In September 2014 police arrested 5 women, aged 26-34, and 3 men, aged 35-37, in Devon and Cornwall on suspicion of trafficking people into the UK. One victim was made to sleep in a cupboard. A number of Czech nationals were rescued, including 13 children.

Bringing Freedom is a Cornish charity helping to end human trafficking & modern day slavery. They teach people what to look out for so they can spot traffickers when travelling, applying for jobs and in their neighbourhood as well as fundraising to support those rescued from trafficking. Bringing Freedom’s vision is to raise enough funds to build safe houses in Cornwall. These safe houses will help restore the lives of victims by providing a home, counselling, education, everyday life skills and job training, as well as ongoing guidance with their new life, keeping contact with each individual after they leave Bringing Freedom’s care, so that they know that Bringing Freedom’s love for them is always there.

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