Squiddie T-Shirt


Our squiddie t-shirt is inspired by the myth of the kraken, or Giant Squid, terror of the High Seas.

Fascinating Facts
The warming of our oceans is causing squids to swell in size. Their digestive enzymes work faster when warm resulting in rapid growth. Source: National Resource Center for Cephalopods near Houston

The Humboldt squid, or flying jumbo squid, measures 7 to 15 feet long and as much as 100 pounds in weight. They grow rapidly from 2mm long as a young squid to a full metre within a year. Source: Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, California

In 1954, a 30.2-foot-long (9.2 meters) giant squid washed up in Norway. Source: NTNU Museum of Natural History and Archeaology. A 30 foot long giant squid washed ashore at Cantabria, Spain in 2013.

Based on the size of giant squid beaks found in the digestive tracks of sperm whales, the giant squid grows to as much as 65 feet, the size of a school bus. Source: Scotland’s University of St. Andrews.

The colossal squid is currently the largest squid we know off. It lives near Antarctica and is more vulnerable to temperature change. Species living in the artic and antartic oceans and the deep sea could become extinct as their habitat warms up. Source: Auckland University

Squids are the food source for many marine animals and seabirds. Plastic in the water closely resembles squid. Hence the plastic in our oceans is being eaten instead. This accounts for the huge increase in deaths caused by digested plastic.

The number of surface water squids exceeds that of humans on Earth. Sperm whales consume more than 100 million tons of squid every year. Source: University of Tasmania

Some Green turtles scavenge on dead squids. In Brazil, plastic mistaken for dead squid causes 67% of green turtle deaths. Source: Earthling Nature

Nets often snag squids and trawlers can destroy clusters of squid eggs when they drag nets on the ocean floor. “Seven species of octopus and squid in New Zealand waters are already considered extinct or seriously impacted by deep sea fisheries,” Steve O’Shea, senior research fellow at Auckland University

We dedicate 50% of the profit on the sale of each of these squiddie t-shirts to clean up our seas from an even  worse scourge – plastic.



Our Squiddie T-shirt is Earth Positive
Continental Clothing manufactures our t-shirts using renewable green energy from wind and solar power.

They dye 100% certified organic cotton in a zero-discharge dyehouse that recycles all the water in a closed-loop system.

Continental Clothing is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). FWF monitors that Continnetal Clothing pays garment workers a fair living wage.

The Carbon Trust certifies that Continental Clothing are carbon neutral under the PAS2050 standard.

PVC free Waterbased Ink
Blackwater Studios print our squiddie t-shirt. Their screen prints are made with water based inks, and no plastic film positives are used to create the screens.

Delivery schedule for squiddie t-shirts

If the size you require is in stock then we will send it out to you within 1 working day.

We hold a small amount of stock to minimise waste and our carbon footprint. There are no plans to print more of these t-shirts but if your size is not in stock, please email sales@traceydockree.com to be added to our Want It list and the size you require. If we have sufficient interest we will look at re-ordering more.

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