NHS Scrubs and Masks

I’m currently sewing a big batch of re-usable surgical masks and next week will be making scrubs. The NHS is desperately short of scrubs and masks. I highly recommend getting involved, if you can.

If you’re in Cornwall, you can join Cornwall Cloth Masks facebook group to help get surgical masks made and delivered throughout Cornwall and/or Cornwall Scrubs, who are hoping to get 400+ scrubs to GPs and healthcare providers in Cornwall.

If you’re not in Cornwall, I think every county and country in the world has a local facebook group of volunteers doing the same. And if you can’t sew, they also need people to cut fabric, deliver, quality test, do admin, raise funds etc.

On the subject of masks:

  • if you’re making, ensure masks meet hospital guidelines ie are the right shape, size, have pockets for a filter and a metal nose bridge, preferably ties rather than elastic, as elastic wears away the skin on the ears after prolonged use;
  • do not wear a mask unless you are in a healthcare setting. Our doctors, nurses and carers need these masks and they are in short supply. Masks need to be regularly cleaned and changed or they will pose more of a hazard than not wearing one at all. See the World Health Organisation’s advice on wearing masks

If you’re based in Cornwall and would like to help raise funds for fabric to make scrubs, the fundrasing page for Cornwall Scrubs is https://www.gofundme.com/f/cornwall-scrubs

Let us know what you think!

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