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Moodboards for Writers

Lawrence Durrell moodboard for writers

Moodboards for Writers

Moodboards for writers help keep them inspired and on track when writng their novel. Moodboards are a collection of images or scraps of writing, maps, book covers, magazine pages (pretty much anything you like!) that evoke scenes, characters and the mood or feel of the novel you want to write. Others use pinterest boards. And some use props that they have dotted around their writing space.

I love my props and I have lots of pinterest boards full of research images, but I think I’m going to create a moodboard too and see if it helps me thrugh that dry spell in the middle of November during National Novel Writing Month.

I’ll be sharing my progress on Saturday and you are very welcome to join us – we’ll be upstairs in Sonder in Truro from 3p-5pm

Let us know what you think!

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