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Make and Mend Monday

Materials used to make and mend clothes
Materials used to make and mend clothes

Every Monday is Make and Mend Day at our Studio in Truro. You can book an appointment to learn to make a garment or alter or mend an old one.

If you extend the life of your clothes, the first hour is free. An hour should be enough time to learn how to repair a seam that’s come apart, sew on a button, darn a jumper or make basic alterations.

Workshops are usually £10 an hour, but you can share the cost and we can accommodate up to 3 people per session.

To make an appointment, simply select the Monday you want on the calendar below and fill in the booking form to let me know your preferred start time. The bookings are one hour slots, but if you would like longer, let me know how much time you want in the section where you state what you want to learn.

You don’t pay anything until you have your session at the workshop. If a project is quicker than expected, you only pay for the time you’ve had.

If you have any questions please email

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