Send us your Unwanted Clothes

Over £140 billion worth of clothes go to landfill every year.
We want to change that.

Fabric Bank

The Fabric Bank is a collection of unwanted clothing and textiles which can be remade into new garments or used to patch repairs.

Items in the Fabric Bank are available to other creatives and repairers we collaborate with and is based in Cornwall.


There is an urgent need for certain garments that will help  transform lives. These will be forwarded onto charities who’ll redistribute them to those most in need, eg Smalls For All or Suited For Success


Clothes sent to us are banked in our Fabric Bank and made available to other creatives to Repair and Resell or ReMake into something new.

10% sale vouchers available.

Send us your scraps! They can be used as patches so that other clothes can be repaired and rescued or to make accessories.

They may also be used to add a little sass to a ReMade garment

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