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Ethical Rebel magazine Submission Guidelines for Cornwall College students

Please read the following Ethical Rebel submission guidelines carefully.

We are always interested in what people think about ethical fashion. We only publish quality work, but, if you submit a piece that has promise, we will provide feedback and guidance on how you can improve it so that we can publish it.

We do not publish work that glamourises unethical practises, for example, placing models at risk of sexual or any other abuse.

Type of work that can be submitted

Photography and videos:

  • Inspired by one of our topics eg referencing pollution on our coast and the garments that repurpose marine pollution
  • Feature one of our brands or student makers
  • Process shots of garments while students are making them and of the work students are doing towards the magazine project


  • Write about one of our topics eg why is there modern slavery in the fashion industry?
  • Feature one of our brands and the issues they’re tackling
  • Review a brand you like, how they make their clothes and why you like them
  • Provide an opinion piece on an ethical fashion issue that bothers you eg using size zero models v real size models or the sexualisation of models
  • Document how the magazine is put together and some of the student ideas and creations


  • Sketch, drawing or painting referencing one of our topics eg a futuristic vision of the impact of pollution
  • Design an ethical rebel t-shirt

Graphic Design:

  • Infographics eg compare the cost per wear of a cheap t-shirt with a high quality one
  • Logo ideas for the Ethical Rebel


  • Make a garment from unwanted clothing, waste or ethical fabrics


Final deadline 28 February 2019

Let us know what you think!

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