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Using the Ethical Fashion Directory

In the Ethical Fashion Directory you can filter your search by selecting the criteria that’s important to you.

For example, under Style you might want Boho Chic or Luxury; under Clothing Category you might be looking for Womenswear; and under Values you Fair Wages and Sustainable Fabrics might be important to you.

As soon as you make your selections the directory will automatically load the brands that meet your criteria.

If there’s a particular feature you’re looking for that doesn’t appear to be specified, please email us at ethicalrebel@outlook.com. We'll put the word out on social media and as soon as we find any brands that match what you're looking for we’ll let you know.

We've also included other ethical Fashion Directories and Shopping Apps as they may include brands we haven’t had time to add on here yet. There's also a few ethical fashion magazines so you can find out more about all the wonderful ethical fashion choices out there.

The directory is growing constantly so keep checking back! If you subscribe to our newsletter we'll let you know about any new additions . If you know anyone else who is interested in buying more ethically, please feel free to share this with them.

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