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Ethical brand submissions invited for the Ethical Rebel Student Take Over

Double page spread for Nudie Jeans

Ethical fashion brand submissions are invited for next issue of the Ethical Rebel magazin. the Ethical Rebel is a fashion magazine raising awareness of issues in the fashion industry and celebrating the brands that care as much about people and the planet as they do about creating amazing clothes. 

Our next issue is particularly exciting as it will be a Student Take Over by Cornwall College students. We are aiming at reaching a younger demographic, in a way they can relate to, with stunning visuals, photoshoots, graphics, illustrations and insightful articles from a generation that will be the next to step up and steer our world.


The theme is Superheroes: the amazing brands, customers, celebrities, influencers and activists who are the sustainable fashion role models for the younger generation.


We are looking for clothing from brands actively involved in tackling our three main topics:

  • Marine pollution – ghost nets/plastic pollution
  • Making clothes last longer – embellishing and repairing old clothes/upcycling/buying preloved
  • Slave Labour  – the payment of a fair living wage at all stages of the supply chain


The photoshoots will have an edgy Cornish backdrop. The students will be assisted by their very talented tutors and mentored by acclaimed fashion photographer Sarah Brittain Edwards. The images will be high quality and the aim is to portray ethical fashion as strong, edgy streetwear with individual style.

We will credit your brand on all the pages your clothes appear. We will also feature each brand contributing to our fashion shoots in a double page spread with their story and passion for tackling fashion issues.

Key Dates

The photoshoot will take place on 23rd January so we need clothes no later than Monday 21st January.

Items to send

We would very much appreciate your sending us a selection of sustainable items to be included. You can send as many or few outfits as you like, but please do not send size zero clothing. They will not be used.

Female models are likely to range between sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12, shoe sizes 4-7. Male models range between sizes S, M, L, XL, 32/29, 34 and 36L, shoe sizes 10-12.

Items Returned

We will return ALL items sent to us by courier, unless your brand is based in Cornwall. For Cornwall based brands we are happy to collect and return items directly from you.


We publish the magazine in May 2019 and we will distribute it throughout the UK.

We anticipate that the magazine will be printed in a 210mm x 210mm square format on uncoated paper. It will probably be unbound with approx 48 pages printed on high quality uncoated stock. This is subject to change as the students will develop and design the magazine to best represent their work in the Student Take Over.

If you would like to feature your brand or recommend any other ethical brands, please contact us. Likewise if you have any queries or want to arrange delivery of clothing. You can contact the editor by email

Let us know what you think!

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