Clothing Repairs

Undertaking clothing repairs with button sewn back on

Free clothing repairs for all garments bought from us

Clothing repairs for all items bought from us are free so that we can keep them lasting longer.

We source the highest quality products so they’ll last a lifetime, but we know that stuff happens. You snag a sleeve on a door handle and it rips. Or the washing machine monster eats holes in the fabric. Whatever the reason, we’ll repair any clothing you buy from us for free so it can live and be loved for longer.

Email and to arrange a time to drop your items off or request a free postage label.

Materials used to make and mend clothes

Make and Mend Monday

Every Monday is Make and Mend Day at our Studio in Truro. You can book an appointment to learn to make a garment or alter or mend an old one. If you extend the life of your clothes, the first hour is free. An hour should be enough time to learn how to repair a seam that’s come apart, sew on a button, darn a jumper or make basic alterations.

Visit a Repair Cafe

Fix your stuff for free at a Repair Cafe A Repair Cafe is where you can take your broken items and learn how to fix them for free. They can be electrical, mechanical, tools, clothes, in fact, pretty much anything!! If there’s one near me I will usually take my sewing machine along and help people mend their clothes. The dates for these are on the calendar. If you’re not local to Cornwall, there’s bound to be one near you somewhere. There’s a full list on the Repair Cafe website

We can also repair other clothes for you:

Ripped delicate blouse repaired
Hole in neck of jumper repaired