Clothing wanted for our Fabric Bank

Clothing needed by charities to make a life changing difference

Your clothing needed by Charities.

The Homeless and Refugee Crises are ongoing. There are also other communities that need your unwanted clothes. They all make a life changing difference.

We sort through unwanted clothing sent to us and pick out items we know to be needed. These items are forwarded onto charities for redistribution to those most in need.

Below are charities and  items they urgently need we are currently aware of.

Please send items directly to the charity needing them. If you have other items you want to send us, you can send them all to us and we will forward them on for you.  

Charities needing your unwanted clothes

Clothing Wanted by Dunkirk Refugee Womens Centre

Clothing wanted by Dunkirk Refugee Womens Centre: Children’s leggings and tracksuit bottoms/joggers  Women’s joggers (tapered at bottom) Women’s leggings Women’s socks (new/unused) Women’s gloves Children’s

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