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We provide a bespoke design service and create the clothes you want to wear, made to fit you and feel great.

Free consultation

The first appointment is a free consultation to discuss your ideas.

We’ll work out the kind of designs you love most and the different occassions you may want to wear the item(s). We’ll also chat about any fitting problems you usually experience and the types of fabrics you prefer.

Test garment

A toile will be made using an upcycled fabric that can be adjusted to fit the way you want it. The toiles I make are usually of such a good quality that you will be able to wear it after the fittings are complete as a finished garment.


We will usually need 3 fittings.

The first 2 fittings will be with the toile, or test garment, and most of the adjustments needed to achieve a great fit will be made on this test garment.

The final fitting will be with the final garment in case any minor adjustments are still required.

Reusable pattern

The final pattern can be reused for future garments. Unless you have changed size or shape, you will be able to have future garments made based on a pattern we already know fits you. This is particularly useful if you love the design and want another item in a different colour or with a minor teak eg short sleeves instead of long sleeves.

Final Garment

We specialise in jackets, dresses, jersey and period costumes.

We only use sustainable fabrics.


I will provide a quote after our initial free consultation for each of the following stages.

A deposit will be required before work commences to cover the costs of creating the pattern and test garment.

Once the test garment is complete and fits, you may decide it is lovely enough not to need a final garment. If so you would only need to pay an additional amount for the fittings and adjustments already made to the pattern and toile.

If you still want the final garment made, then you will need to make an interim payment for the fittings and adjustments made so far, plus an amount to cover the costs of creating the final garment.

Additinal payments will be needed if you decide to make any changes to the design that require additional work.

Book an appointment

Please email a description of your bespoke design requirements with some dates you are available to

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